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Women: An Undervalued Resource

Starting off, the read provides research suggesting two-thirds of people across the globe believe the world would be in a better place if men thought more like women. Who wouldn't read on after an opening like that?

Specifically targeting the business sphere, the authors discuss what happens when natural characteristics inherent to women like nurturing, sharing and communication, are utilized in the workplace and the positive impact they have on the productivity of business as a whole. Again, had to read on.

The Athena Doctrine hits close to home, falling in line with a personal belief that Women are one of the most valuable resources in the world. Currently, our society is using far less than half of our intellectual capital and we have many problems to solve, beyond the business world. This isn't necessarily about feminism or equality; it's about evolving as a society, global growth and equal contribution. The Athena Doctrine supports this notion and is an inspiring read for anyone interested in the fundamentals of success in both business and in life. It won't disappoint.

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